Revise Insurance Policy

The quickest way to add an additional insured to your policy is to locate the email we originally sent with your policies.  There are links in the email to add additional insureds/certificate holders and tournaments/seminars/camps. When you complete the on-line form the certificates are issued  and emailed ASAP.  You can also download any previously issued certificates.  If you can’t locate the email with the links, email us at requesting the link or complete the request form below.  These certificates are usually issued within 24 hours.

    What will you be doing today?
    Change Policy Account InfoAdd Additional Insured Parties

    The Basics

    Start here by providing your basic account information. We will use this to access your account no matter what kind of changes or additions you are making. These fields should be used for your current information (changes will be filled in later).

    On-File School Information

    School Name:

    Owner's Name:

    Owner's Email:

    Policy Number (If Known):

    Phone Number:

    Provide some basic address details of your school and mailing address.

    Physical Address

    Mailing Address (If Different)

    School Address:

    Street Address:







    Changed School Information

    If you need to change information regarding your school, do so here.

    School Address:

    School City:

    School State:

    School Zip:

    School Phone:

    School Email:

    Other Changes Required:

    Add Additional Insured

    If you need additional parties insured add them here.


    Additional Insured #1

    Additional Insured #2

    Additional Insured #3

    Additional Insured #4

    Name of Insured:





    Relation to Insured:

    There may be a $10.00 fee to add the additional insured as only your first three are included at no cost. If so, we will contact you for payment information.